This blog is about Cierra.

The objective of this blog is to chronicle life towards retirement. Maybe choosing another career or maybe just staying home and enjoying the house. The point is, it can be anything we want it to be. Granted… it will be a learning experience.  Some of the posts will involve feelings and experiences… so you’re fairly warned. Since it is also a learning experience… posts will contain practical innovations about gardening, cooking, sewing, crafts, kitchen tools and appliances, etc., etc.

Cierra lives in the country side.  During the week, she works as a techy for the local university. After work, she goes home and enjoys her house and her needlework. She used to go horseback riding a lot but now she just likes to watch them graze and frolic in the pasture. When the weekends come, she loves interacting with her FB friends or design and stitch needlework projects or play in the garden with her little visitors.

Cierra has a facebook page and is working towards moving information to a blog type format.  Everything she’s learning is on that FB page.


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