Rosemary Health Benefits: Growing Your Own Medicine

Natural Society

Rosemary has a wealth of healing properties and you can grow it yourself. Here’s some essential information on rosemary health benefits and how growing rosemary at home can be one of the easiest things to do.

According to studies found in the Journal of Neurochemistry and Nature Reviews Neuroscience, rosemary’s active component carsonic acid (CA) can actually protect the brain from damage, including that caused by strokes and degeneration due to toxins and free radicals.

The Greeks may have also realized the stress-busting powers of the plant. Modern research has shown that nurses exposed to rosemary oil scent before taking exams exhibited far less test anxiety. It’s been suggested that the smell of rosemary essential oils can actually reduce cortisol levels; cortisol is known as the stress hormone.

But, it isn’t only the smell of rosemary that is healing; rosemary health benefits even dip into the topical-arena. Infused in an oil and applied to the skin, there is evidence that rosemary can stop hair loss. It can also be used to treat muscle pain and arthritis, reducing inflammation while improving circulation. It is useful on skin afflictions like bruises and eczema too.

Finally, rosemary preparations (like tea) can be taken internally. Digestive problems and headaches can easily be soothed with this simple stove-top remedy.

Many of rosemary’s medicinal benefits are due to its antioxidant qualities, protecting the cells from damage by toxins and free-radicals. The health benefits of rosemary include:

Reducing anxiety, elevating mood
Boosting memory
Brain protection
Calming effects
Pain relief
Headache relief
Protects against DNA damage
Arthritis treatment, anti-inflammatory
Skin tonic
Hair tonic
Digestion soother
Immune booster
Improving circulation
Detoxifying the liver
Cancer prevention (due to containing carnosol, a compound found to have anti-cancer properties)

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